Laurence de Rosen and Catherine Arnoux started their book about 15 years ago, while living in Wayne PA. Laurence, who is a psychotherapist, had the idea of this story about a boy who wants to get rid of his annoying shadow… and Catherine started the illustrations, finding together the words to unroll the journey of the main character.

After struggling to have their book published (a first book is always a big struggle), they just let the project as it…

Then, Laurence de Rosen moved back to Paris and Catherine Arnoux moved to Princeton.

Keeping always in mind that they had something unfinished, during the year 2015, they decided to make the book “come alive” and decided also to make it as a bilingual book (english and french). After showing their project to friends, librarians and professionals, they got encouraged with some great feedback. And with the help of Suzy Basta, a graphic designer who put together their texts and illustrations on a computerized format, the book got ready to be printed.

So, here is their book, after so many years.